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Kensington escorts at Olympia Art and Antiques Fair

That’s right, these girls like to indulge in the best events in London and this is a must see.  If you’re planning on going yourself, don’t rule out taking Kensington escorts with you; or at least go and see one of these beautiful girls when you’ve finished for the day…

The International Arts and Antiques Fair promises to be one of the best events around Kensington this year.  It’s hosted by Kensington Olympia and right next to the tube station of the same name.  It starts on 18th June and runs until the end of the month, and it will cost you only £20 to get in!  Displaying some of the finest art and antiques from around the world there’s something for everyone and all budgets are catered for.  The budget you need to concentrate on is the one you have for Kensington escorts in the area; and perhaps dinner in the evening!

Kensington escorts free time

This is probably one of the many places our Kensington escorts will be hanging out this summer; at least in June anyway.  You see, we have an exquisite bunch of girls at the agency and they go far beyond simply looking magnificent all the time, dining out with gentlemen from all over the world.  These young companions are highly educated, intelligent and have a keen passion for places like the International Art and Antique Far; they also have quite the disposable income!

More about the escorts

The mere fact that the fair is an international event is something that really interests girls like this.  This is simply because the girls we represent at the agency come from all over the world, so they are more than likely to appreciate some of the art on sale at Kensington Olympia this June.  When you book one of these girls it’s only then that you’ll fully realise just how cultured and charming these professional courtesans really can are.  We guarantee that they rank among the best in the world at their chosen career.

Our girls get around easily

Getting about is easy for our escorts.  At least they don’t usually take the tube.  If you read the papers, the way companies like Amazon are going, our beloved tubes will be filled with delivery men and sack barrows!  No, it’s usually cabs for our girls and they are very used to getting ready quickly, so you can still count on them being with you often within the hour; this depends on where in London you are exactly of course.


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