Daisy – Kensington escort review

Escorts name; Daisy

A professional image of Daisy a London escort from Rachaels London escorts

Date of visit ; 10 May 2016

Time of visit; 7pm

Incall / outcall ; incall

Area; South Kensington

Duration; 2 hours

Cost ; £300

Looks ; 10/10

Service ; 10/10

Agency or Independent; Agency, Rachaels London Escorts

Where did you find her advert; Google

Apartment? Clean and tidy in a very big block of serviced apartments which is home to many London escorts, I like going there because it is very easy and you are just another face, reception never take any notice of you, which is really nice and easy. There are both stairs and lifts so no problem getting to the girls, Daisys apartment is on the 6th floor, it’s a very nice 2 bedroom one, with a bigger than average bathroom – I of course had a shower before we begun, I always do, it relaxes both myself and the girl, its also nice to have a little chat while I am in the shower.

The girls appearance

Daisy looks better than her photos would suggest, this young lady is as close to perfect as you are ever going to get. I have seen so many escorts who appear nothing like they do in the photos but the receptionist at Rachaels – I have never used them before, assured my just how great she was and her look is perfect. I ask that Daisy greet me in a very casual way, hair up, robe on and she did just, I also loved the fact that she was bare foot – her toe nails where painted a very dark red which just screams sexy to me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, the way her hair lay across her face and the way that she welcomed me in was mind blowing.

I paid Daisy and as I did I slowly kissed her lips, it is very rare for me to act lke this with an escort, normally I get in , get showered and plaint one and then begin, but with Daisy I wanted it to last forever. I can see why so many people return to this girl!

Once my shower was over I watched Daisy get dressed

I had ask for her to wear a very short black mini dress, sleeveless, I wanted her in black fishnets and very high strappy stilettos, I didn’t want platforms, I wanted to enjoy the arch in her feet and what she provided was stop on the mark.

I would love to write about what Daisy and I did but to be honest from the moment she started to undress me my mind went blank, I was in heaven, I was lost in her and didn’t want to come back

The next time that I see Daisy I will be staying for a lot longer, I am hoping for next week, if we can get our dairies together I will be looking for an overnight, the thought of waking up with such a beauty feels my day with joy.

I will of course put pen to paper and write about that experience also , I wont be able to contain myself.

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