Best Hotels In Kensington

If your in Kensington looking for some luxury accommodation it doesn’t come much better than the Royal Garden Hotel, this 5 star establishment really is the definition of luxury. Upon arrival to your room you will be struck by the incredible modern décor that gives all the rooms a very relaxing feel, there are wide variety of rooms to choose from however no matter what room you decide to be accommodated in you are definitely assured luxury. The staff here are really something special, they really do go the extra mile to make sure your stay with them is of highest order. This is the ideal location to be accompanied by one of the most stunning Kensington Escorts to enjoy the time of your life.

royal garden hotel

A great place for accommodation in Kensington goes by the name of the Cranley Hotel, this hotel has a traditional English feel to it. This luxury is based in a building that dates back to a crazy 1869, this hotel is ideal for people seeking a holiday to get away from all the stress of normal life with its homely and warm feel. The Cranley Hotel is situated in the perfect place for tourists looking to see the popular sites in Kensington like, the museums, the shopping areas of Knightsbridge and kings road a just a short walk away from the hotel. This luxury establishment is ideal to take one of the most beautiful Kensington Escorts.

cranley hotel

Another great hotel based in Kensington is the Ashburn Hotel, this 4 star luxury hotel has recently undergone a makeover after new owners have taken over and now it’s something special to say the least.  When staying here you will be able to pick from a wide variety of food come every morning with them offering a buffet breakfast for all customers. This is the perfect spot to take one of the most eye-catching and sophisticated Kensington escorts.

ashburn hotel

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