5 Essential Grooming Checks You Should Never Miss

You have an appointment with an elite Kensington escort and you’re about to dash out of the door. If you want to ensure you make a positive and lasting first impression stop and check your grooming.

  1. What’s Your Style?

Because we are all instantly judged by physical appearance it is important that you always project a positive image. When you’re spending quality time in the company of a beautiful and sophisticated elite Kensington escort you will undoubtedly want to look your very best. It is therefore important to understand what your personal style is.

Always ensure that you wear clean clothes that fit properly. Never be tempted to recycle a shirt because you didn’t have time to wash it but it’s your lucky shirt. Wear clothes that are clean and ironed. A well cut suit, shirt and silk tie is always a safe bet. You can add your own personal style statement by adding some tasteful and fashionable accessories – think luxurious socks, cufflinks, handkerchief and belt.

Double check your appearance in the mirror and adjust accordingly.

  1. Shine Your Shoes


There are two things that elite escorts in Kensington always pay particular attention to. One is a man’s hands, and the other is his shoes. When you have an appointment with a high class London escort always makes sure you shine your shoes. Choose formal shoes to go with your suit and check them for scuffs and dirt.

If you forget to do this simple check you could find that your shoes let down your whole overall physical appearance.

  1. Perfect Your Posture

There is little point wearing well fitting clothes that suit you if your posture is slouchy and poor. Good posture projects confidence and assertiveness and makes you look interesting and approachable.

To instantly improve your posture pull your shoulders back and lift your head. This will make you walk taller and with more confidence.

  1. Smile


You will hopefully be doing a lot of smiling, in the company of your elite Kensington escort, so it is essential that you check you have properly cleaned your teeth. Remember to floss, tongue scrape and use mouthwash. Ensuring your lips are soft and supple is also important.

  1. Smell Good

Aroma enhances experiences so make sure that you finish off your grooming with a subtle spritz of pleasing masculine fragrance. Don’t be tempted to get heavy handed with the application. Less is always more.

Your high class Kensington escort will now be pleasantly intoxicated with your manly scent, confident smile and assertive posture.

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