Excellent hotels in London

Looking for a place to stay in London? Well let me tell you that you are spoilt for choice when looking for an amazing place to stay when you are in the capital. Home too many excellent hotels London has so much to offer during the evenings when you are looking for a magnificent experience and a comfortable place to stay when your day finally comes to an end. Here you will discover a couple of excellent hotels that are popular places to be staying if you are after a relaxing, comfortable and memorable experience.


First is the famous well known Kensington Hotel. Kensington is one of the most affluent districts in London so as you would expect  has some of the highest class places that you can stay and The Kensington Hotel is the perfect example of this. Offering class, style and sophistication this hotel is perhaps the finest place to be staying in London, perfect for impressing a beautiful escort from Playmates London when you first meet. Playmates London 24 hour London escorts are the finest in all of London and are spectacular to be within the company off due to their gorgeous looks and exciting personalities that wait for you to discover for yourself. Don’t miss out and book your Playmates London escort today by visiting http://www.playmateslondonescorts.com.


The next magnificent hotel is the Corinthia Hotel London which is an extravagant experience waiting to be had. If you are looking for somewhere you can treated to the highest standards in pure luxury I would recommend a stay at Corinthia. Comfortable and beautiful rooms, wonderful staff and a very modern hotel The Corinthia is a hotel that you cannot fault. You could find yourself waking up in a luxury room, having an amazing breakfast and this hotel even has its own spa, so for an unforgettable experience I would recommend a stay at either of these two magnificent hotels in London.

Where to Take Your London Escort

If you’re making a booking with one of the many stunning London escorts it is vital that you have planned ahead in advance. Firstly it is essential you book escort services from somewhere reliable this can be with an agency or a directory like http://www.londonpunt.co.uk. Are you making a dinner date booking? Are you making an in-call or out-call booking? Have you booked a hotel? All of these are massively important questions that you should be asking yourself and making sure that you know exactly what your plan is, as failing to prepare is setting you straight on the path to an awkward night that doesn’t go well for anybody. In this article I will be giving you some tips as to some good places where you can go with a gorgeous girl to make the most out of your booking and make your evening one to remember.

Firstly, assuming you’re booking for a dinner date, it’s important that you have taken into consideration which kind of cuisine you would like to eat on the night and you have confirmed it with the escort. For example if you’re set on Chinese yet the escort is not so keen, you might want to suggest something else. Some restaurants I would highly recommend are ones such as the Chez Patrick in Kensington if you’re a fan of French food, or maybe Exodus if you wish to try something a little more Mediterranean. The wines in both of these restaurants are always amazing which can really speed up the process of getting to know the escort and make the evening a lot less awkward for you.

The next step is of course accommodation. It’s important that you take into account that class is key and that you really should be aiming to book one of the more well known hotels rather than a cheap room in a Premier Inn. This is both for the added luxury of the more expensive rooms and also for the escorts sake as she is going to feel a lot more at ease and a lot safer if your booking is taking place in a hotel with good security and this is honestly one of the main factors you have to consider when choosing a hotel.