Daisy – Kensington escort review

Escorts name; Daisy

A professional image of Daisy a London escort from Rachaels London escorts

Date of visit ; 10 May 2016

Time of visit; 7pm

Incall / outcall ; incall

Area; South Kensington

Duration; 2 hours

Cost ; £300

Looks ; 10/10

Service ; 10/10

Agency or Independent; Agency, Rachaels London Escorts

Where did you find her advert; Google

Apartment? Clean and tidy in a very big block of serviced apartments which is home to many London escorts, I like going there because it is very easy and you are just another face, reception never take any notice of you, which is really nice and easy. There are both stairs and lifts so no problem getting to the girls, Daisys apartment is on the 6th floor, it’s a very nice 2 bedroom one, with a bigger than average bathroom – I of course had a shower before we begun, I always do, it relaxes both myself and the girl, its also nice to have a little chat while I am in the shower.

The girls appearance

Daisy looks better than her photos would suggest, this young lady is as close to perfect as you are ever going to get. I have seen so many escorts who appear nothing like they do in the photos but the receptionist at Rachaels – I have never used them before, assured my just how great she was and her look is perfect. I ask that Daisy greet me in a very casual way, hair up, robe on and she did just, I also loved the fact that she was bare foot – her toe nails where painted a very dark red which just screams sexy to me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, the way her hair lay across her face and the way that she welcomed me in was mind blowing.

I paid Daisy and as I did I slowly kissed her lips, it is very rare for me to act lke this with an escort, normally I get in , get showered and plaint one and then begin, but with Daisy I wanted it to last forever. I can see why so many people return to this girl!

Once my shower was over I watched Daisy get dressed

I had ask for her to wear a very short black mini dress, sleeveless, I wanted her in black fishnets and very high strappy stilettos, I didn’t want platforms, I wanted to enjoy the arch in her feet and what she provided was stop on the mark.

I would love to write about what Daisy and I did but to be honest from the moment she started to undress me my mind went blank, I was in heaven, I was lost in her and didn’t want to come back

The next time that I see Daisy I will be staying for a lot longer, I am hoping for next week, if we can get our dairies together I will be looking for an overnight, the thought of waking up with such a beauty feels my day with joy.

I will of course put pen to paper and write about that experience also , I wont be able to contain myself.

If you want to make it in London there are a few things that you really have to have spot on

If you want to make it in London there are a few things that you really need to have spot-on, these things maybe not what you think and so today I thought that I would give you a little help with what I am good at.

It is so important for a man to look good, first impressions do count and you don’t want to be left on the shelf, some people who do not have any idea at all enlist the services of London escorts to help them.

What this article is all about is some of the shops that you and your sexy assistant should head to and no I have not taken the easy route and just said go to Harrods – what I want you to do is visit some great little places where you can really get some great outfits.

An image taken of the exterior of the Zara Fashion Store London, England, United Kingdom.

Zara – this Spanish brand has hit the nail right on top of the head with their cuts and you can’t fail to leave this store looking good. They sell everything that any stylish guy needs in his wardrobe, my favourite store of theirs is the one which is in Duke Of Your Square – just of off Kings Road, the store is massive and each of Zara’s’ departments can be found under one roof. The women’s department is very good and you will be able to get a sexy little gift for your London escort.

The banner image of the The Massimo Dutti located in London.

Massimo Dutti – another name that falls under the banner of the guys who have Zara and another brand which is really on the mark. A little more expensive than Zara these guys have some lovely knitwear and beautiful leather jackets. They have a great elegant style and the clothes are of the highest quality. The women’s selection there is very good and if you are looking for an outfit for the daytime to dress your London escort in then these guys are the one for you. If you want to see a great selection of men’s clothes then visit their store at Brompton Road – it is just a few minutes walk from Harrods.

The banner image logo from the designer brand Gucci.

Gucci – I love Gucci and will only ever wear their shoes, the Gucci loafer is the best shoe that has ever been made and can be worn casual or dressed up, you will not fail to look anything less than amazing in this label and will want to return time and time again.

Bespoke Tantric in Kensington

1462649222_staff_524_572e4186b1110_tnKensington is known to be such a posh place that it’s hard to sometimes stay on top of the fashion trends and always look put together. The stress of looking your best all the time – especially if you live in an area where you have access to some of the most beautiful and expensive clothes in the world – can honestly run a person down. Superficial as it may be no one wants to be the person that looks out of place anywhere and even if you do look a bit quirky and odd you still want people to think you look good. However, if you’re constantly fussing and stressing over it you’ll achieve nothing but wrinkles and overthought looks. So, instead of stressing over your outfit for the millionth time how about simply relaxing and taking a calmer approach to life?

It’s always good to worry about how we look on the outside but you’d be surprised at how much changing a little bit of the inside will help you feel like you’re a completely new person. Getting in the right mindset will change your outlook and somebody that looks naturally glowing and beautiful will always look better than someone who is honestly trying too hard.1464221382_staff_560_57463ec666e54_tn

Bespoke Tantric, luckily, has some of the best erotic and tantric massage Kensington outcall services so if you’re ever feeling a bit overwhelmed with things and need a gentle reminder of things that are actually fun, pleasurable and sexy then getting a massage can be done so quickly and safely that it’s awonder more people don’t do it… or perhaps they do and simply choose to keep quiet about it? Isn’t that what the posh do? Why give away such a wonderful secret? You get to lie at home and pampered from head to toe while you’re reminded just how sexy, gorgeous and fair you are. It helps you’re also getting a deep body to body massage and a great coating of essential oils which will make you feel like Adriana Lima or Antonio Banderas after soaking up some much needed latin rays of sun.

Have a Night in

1478371266_staff_141_581e27c2af00eNobody wants to spend the holidays by themselves. Even the most independent people like to have at least a little bit of company to celebrate the many festivities that come with the end of the year. It’s not that you feel needy and it’s not that you aren’t happy but this is the time of year that is known the world over for being about sharing your joy with other people. There is nothing wrong in admitting that you too want to be a part of it. There might be many reasons why you’re feeling a bit lonely this particular year… Perhaps you’re alone in London for business or maybe you simply don’t feel like going out partying and getting drunk. Whatever the case may be you suddenly find yourself with the predicament of not knowing what to do and yet wanting someone who will make you feel like you’re not alone. Thankfully for you London Tantric offers some of the most incredible tantric outcall massages in the world. Instead of spending the holidays alone spend them in the arms of a woman who will be there not just making you feel great but also reminding you of the amazing connection you can have with anyone at any moment.

thumbnail-13London Christmases tend to be very cold so staying home and warming up without even having to turn on a fire (outside of your own inner fire) will not only save you money but also make you feel better than you ever have. You’ll welcome the New Year or spend your favorite festivity in a hotel room with one of the sexiest women in the city showing you that right now there is no one in the world but you. Your body will thank you in the morning when everyone is feeling the effects of a party and you feel nothing but sweet relief and satisfaction. It’s a great present that you can give to the most deserving person you know… yourself. Don’t spend the holidays alone this year, instead gift yourself a sexy and trilling night in.

Best Nightclubs in London

London is a great city when it comes to nightlife, it never seems to stop even in the early hours of the morning, so here is a short list of the best nightclubs in London voted by the London escorts who’re the best of the best at their profession boasting beautiful busts and perfect figures that are literally drop dead gorgeous.


One of London’s most reputable and great nightclubs that brings cheap drinks and music together, you can find all types of music here from DnB, House, Garage and many other types of electronic music. The London escorts absolutely adore this nightclub and they feel right at home here with clients and love dancing around with them. The Fabric nightclub has been known to attract quite a few celebrity DJ’s to who are friends with the owners. 77a Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 6HJ

Notting Hill Arts Club 

The Notting Hill Arts Club is known throughout London as one of the most expensive but lively nightclubs in London, it has many different events happening every month with DJs playing throughout the night and until the early hours of the morning. You can also see a few pieces of art throughout the club and can even purchase some if you wish. The London escorts are also a huge fan of this nightclub because it has such a great and lively atmosphere all night. Nottinghillartsclub 21 Notting Hill GateLondonW11 3JQ

Bar Rumpa 

Bar Rumpa is one of those bars that just never seems to end but in a great way, it has many events from drinking events to music and has a few comedic events going on, sufficed to say it’s always a blast whatever time you enter. The London escorts are brought here a lot by their clients and are never unimpressed as this bar has a reputation for ecstatic nights out and really does compliment the abstract but hilarious décor.   36 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 7EP



Richard Ogden Escorts Fine Vintage Jewellery to Mayfair

In the affluent borough of Mayfair ladies expect the very best, the finest designer clothing, luxury footwear, perfume created just for them by expert perfumers and of course the highest quality jewellery set with diamonds and a whole host of other precious gems. In Mayfair are some of the finest jewellers in the land, with years of experience in sourcing high class gems and created pieces that women just adore. One of the finest jewellers in Mayfair is Richard Ogden, 28 Burlington Arcade, Mayfair, W1J 0NX, who specialise in elite antique jewellery from Extravagant Victorian pieces to elegant Edwardian and stylish art deco.

They also have highly skilled craftsmen who create jewellery with a timeless elegance that will be cherished for years to come. There is no better way to mark a special occasion or to treat a special someone in your life than with an item of jewellery. One of the stores most prestigious visitors are the Mayfair escorts from Exclusive Company Mayfair Escorts Agency. Escorts in Mayfair are elite ladies who love the finer things in life and are lovers of the most precious gem stone diamonds. The discerning gentlemen who spend time with these exquisite ladies love to shower them with gifts and a beautiful diamond encrusted ring from Richard Ogden renders her putty in his hands.

Richard Ogden’s customer service is second to none, each visitor is made to feel very exclusive. They will give you their time and expertise to ascertain exactly what it is you are looking for and will ensure you leave with a piece that meets your every need. Richard Ogden go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction, for every ring bought from this prestigious jeweller a complimentary cleaning and checking service is included annually.

Richard Ogden have and create some of the most beautiful, unusual and rare jewellery available in Mayfair. For ladies like the Mayfair escorts who like unique pieces that reflect their personality Richard Ogden will undoubtedly have an item to suit. Their collection of Victorian Sapphire rings which range from the most vivid blues and purples to rarer yellow and orange stones are breath taking. For the fashion forward lady their range of striking art deco style rings are sensational, perfect an exclusive Mayfair lady. For the those accustomed to the finer things in life jewellery from Richard Ogden makes the perfect gift from a gentleman to a lady.

Excellent hotels in London

Looking for a place to stay in London? Well let me tell you that you are spoilt for choice when looking for an amazing place to stay when you are in the capital. Home too many excellent hotels London has so much to offer during the evenings when you are looking for a magnificent experience and a comfortable place to stay when your day finally comes to an end. Here you will discover a couple of excellent hotels that are popular places to be staying if you are after a relaxing, comfortable and memorable experience.


First is the famous well known Kensington Hotel. Kensington is one of the most affluent districts in London so as you would expect  has some of the highest class places that you can stay and The Kensington Hotel is the perfect example of this. Offering class, style and sophistication this hotel is perhaps the finest place to be staying in London, perfect for impressing a beautiful escort from Playmates London when you first meet. Playmates London 24 hour London escorts are the finest in all of London and are spectacular to be within the company off due to their gorgeous looks and exciting personalities that wait for you to discover for yourself. Don’t miss out and book your Playmates London escort today by visiting http://www.playmateslondonescorts.com.


The next magnificent hotel is the Corinthia Hotel London which is an extravagant experience waiting to be had. If you are looking for somewhere you can treated to the highest standards in pure luxury I would recommend a stay at Corinthia. Comfortable and beautiful rooms, wonderful staff and a very modern hotel The Corinthia is a hotel that you cannot fault. You could find yourself waking up in a luxury room, having an amazing breakfast and this hotel even has its own spa, so for an unforgettable experience I would recommend a stay at either of these two magnificent hotels in London.

Where to Take Your London Escort

If you’re making a booking with one of the many stunning London escorts it is vital that you have planned ahead in advance. Firstly it is essential you book escort services from somewhere reliable this can be with an agency or a directory like http://www.londonpunt.co.uk. Are you making a dinner date booking? Are you making an in-call or out-call booking? Have you booked a hotel? All of these are massively important questions that you should be asking yourself and making sure that you know exactly what your plan is, as failing to prepare is setting you straight on the path to an awkward night that doesn’t go well for anybody. In this article I will be giving you some tips as to some good places where you can go with a gorgeous girl to make the most out of your booking and make your evening one to remember.

Firstly, assuming you’re booking for a dinner date, it’s important that you have taken into consideration which kind of cuisine you would like to eat on the night and you have confirmed it with the escort. For example if you’re set on Chinese yet the escort is not so keen, you might want to suggest something else. Some restaurants I would highly recommend are ones such as the Chez Patrick in Kensington if you’re a fan of French food, or maybe Exodus if you wish to try something a little more Mediterranean. The wines in both of these restaurants are always amazing which can really speed up the process of getting to know the escort and make the evening a lot less awkward for you.

The next step is of course accommodation. It’s important that you take into account that class is key and that you really should be aiming to book one of the more well known hotels rather than a cheap room in a Premier Inn. This is both for the added luxury of the more expensive rooms and also for the escorts sake as she is going to feel a lot more at ease and a lot safer if your booking is taking place in a hotel with good security and this is honestly one of the main factors you have to consider when choosing a hotel.

Best Hotels In Kensington

If your in Kensington looking for some luxury accommodation it doesn’t come much better than the Royal Garden Hotel, this 5 star establishment really is the definition of luxury. Upon arrival to your room you will be struck by the incredible modern décor that gives all the rooms a very relaxing feel, there are wide variety of rooms to choose from however no matter what room you decide to be accommodated in you are definitely assured luxury. The staff here are really something special, they really do go the extra mile to make sure your stay with them is of highest order. This is the ideal location to be accompanied by one of the most stunning Kensington Escorts to enjoy the time of your life.

royal garden hotel

A great place for accommodation in Kensington goes by the name of the Cranley Hotel, this hotel has a traditional English feel to it. This luxury is based in a building that dates back to a crazy 1869, this hotel is ideal for people seeking a holiday to get away from all the stress of normal life with its homely and warm feel. The Cranley Hotel is situated in the perfect place for tourists looking to see the popular sites in Kensington like, the museums, the shopping areas of Knightsbridge and kings road a just a short walk away from the hotel. This luxury establishment is ideal to take one of the most beautiful Kensington Escorts.

cranley hotel

Another great hotel based in Kensington is the Ashburn Hotel, this 4 star luxury hotel has recently undergone a makeover after new owners have taken over and now it’s something special to say the least.  When staying here you will be able to pick from a wide variety of food come every morning with them offering a buffet breakfast for all customers. This is the perfect spot to take one of the most eye-catching and sophisticated Kensington escorts.

ashburn hotel

Kensington escorts at Olympia Art and Antiques Fair

That’s right, these girls like to indulge in the best events in London and this is a must see.  If you’re planning on going yourself, don’t rule out taking Kensington escorts with you; or at least go and see one of these beautiful girls when you’ve finished for the day…

The International Arts and Antiques Fair promises to be one of the best events around Kensington this year.  It’s hosted by Kensington Olympia and right next to the tube station of the same name.  It starts on 18th June and runs until the end of the month, and it will cost you only £20 to get in!  Displaying some of the finest art and antiques from around the world there’s something for everyone and all budgets are catered for.  The budget you need to concentrate on is the one you have for Kensington escorts in the area; and perhaps dinner in the evening!

Kensington escorts free time

This is probably one of the many places our Kensington escorts will be hanging out this summer; at least in June anyway.  You see, we have an exquisite bunch of girls at the agency and they go far beyond simply looking magnificent all the time, dining out with gentlemen from all over the world.  These young companions are highly educated, intelligent and have a keen passion for places like the International Art and Antique Far; they also have quite the disposable income!

More about the escorts

The mere fact that the fair is an international event is something that really interests girls like this.  This is simply because the girls we represent at the agency come from all over the world, so they are more than likely to appreciate some of the art on sale at Kensington Olympia this June.  When you book one of these girls it’s only then that you’ll fully realise just how cultured and charming these professional courtesans really can are.  We guarantee that they rank among the best in the world at their chosen career.

Our girls get around easily

Getting about is easy for our escorts.  At least they don’t usually take the tube.  If you read the papers, the way companies like Amazon are going, our beloved tubes will be filled with delivery men and sack barrows!  No, it’s usually cabs for our girls and they are very used to getting ready quickly, so you can still count on them being with you often within the hour; this depends on where in London you are exactly of course.


5 Essential Grooming Checks You Should Never Miss

You have an appointment with an elite Kensington escort and you’re about to dash out of the door. If you want to ensure you make a positive and lasting first impression stop and check your grooming.

  1. What’s Your Style?

Because we are all instantly judged by physical appearance it is important that you always project a positive image. When you’re spending quality time in the company of a beautiful and sophisticated elite Kensington escort you will undoubtedly want to look your very best. It is therefore important to understand what your personal style is.

Always ensure that you wear clean clothes that fit properly. Never be tempted to recycle a shirt because you didn’t have time to wash it but it’s your lucky shirt. Wear clothes that are clean and ironed. A well cut suit, shirt and silk tie is always a safe bet. You can add your own personal style statement by adding some tasteful and fashionable accessories – think luxurious socks, cufflinks, handkerchief and belt.

Double check your appearance in the mirror and adjust accordingly.

  1. Shine Your Shoes


There are two things that elite escorts in Kensington always pay particular attention to. One is a man’s hands, and the other is his shoes. When you have an appointment with a high class London escort always makes sure you shine your shoes. Choose formal shoes to go with your suit and check them for scuffs and dirt.

If you forget to do this simple check you could find that your shoes let down your whole overall physical appearance.

  1. Perfect Your Posture

There is little point wearing well fitting clothes that suit you if your posture is slouchy and poor. Good posture projects confidence and assertiveness and makes you look interesting and approachable.

To instantly improve your posture pull your shoulders back and lift your head. This will make you walk taller and with more confidence.

  1. Smile


You will hopefully be doing a lot of smiling, in the company of your elite Kensington escort, so it is essential that you check you have properly cleaned your teeth. Remember to floss, tongue scrape and use mouthwash. Ensuring your lips are soft and supple is also important.

  1. Smell Good

Aroma enhances experiences so make sure that you finish off your grooming with a subtle spritz of pleasing masculine fragrance. Don’t be tempted to get heavy handed with the application. Less is always more.

Your high class Kensington escort will now be pleasantly intoxicated with your manly scent, confident smile and assertive posture.